Our trees are planted utilizing a high density trellis system. Our trees are planted close together and are each fixed to the trellis. This allows our trees to focus on dense fruit production. The end result is a wall of fruit that is reachable for picking by children and adults.



A truly exceptional apple that explodes with flavor when you bite into it. Very juicy and of course crisp. These are so good for fresh eating that people don't get around to baking with them – even though they excel at that too. Refrigerated, these apples can last up to 8 months, but who can keep them around that long?




The Zestar apple is one of the best tasting early-harvest apple variety with a good balance of tartness and sweetness. The sweetness does increase the longer it is left on the tree. This apple has softness like most early apples yet it is not mushy or mealy. It serves well as a fresh eating apple and bakes well for pies, crisps, cakes and makes an excellent apple sauce.



September Wonder Fuji

This variety has the typical sweetness of the late ripening Fuji. Its flavor works very well in salads.




This apple has a sweet taste with buttery overtones and a pleasing tartness. Additionally, its white flesh is slow to turn brown, making it an excellent choice for salads.




Sweet and crisp without being cloying. Honeygold has some of the mild honey sweetness of a Golden Delicious but is crunchier and juicier. A delightful fresh eating apple.



Wolf River

An exceptionally large apple renowned for its use and flavor in baking.




A surprising, bold flavor with tartness in front of sweetness with a wine like finish. It is great for fresh eating and baking and creates a truly special apple butter!